Our values

Our unique purpose is to enable churches to house the homeless.
Take a look at Our Mission and find out more about us.


We want to be known for the depth of our love.

  • Love and positive relationships are central to how we define ourselves and assess our success.
  • Our love strives not to judge, not to condemn but to show ‘mercy to the righteous and the wicked’; to be patient, kind, rejoice in truth, persevere and give what is best.
  • Our love fuels passion for the homeless, anger against injustices and urge to challenge indifference.
  • Love for others drives our integrity, honesty and authenticity.


We are hopeful people with hope for all people.

  • We believe in the innate and undiminishable value of everyone we meet.
  • We believe in a God who brings healing. We believe Jesus can still do miracles (including physical, instant miracles) but that holistic, sustainable, inner healing comes through strong personal relationships and time.
  • We want everyone connected to us to flourish and be growing in the likeness of Christ.

We strive for

We find God’s reflection in every human.

  • We believe our humanity flourishes when we are in deep connection with others. We are neither superior nor inferior in our attitudes to others.
  • God made us all equal. We approach our tenants as equals, we encourage churches to do the same.
  • We approach all relationships searching for the reflection of God, seeking to learn and expecting to be blessed.
  • We believe in collaboration and partnerships: statutory, voluntary, private sector, Christian, other faiths.


With Open ears, we listen to Jesus in the poor.

  • Jesus was asked 80 questions but himself asked 300.
  • Listening allows people to be heard, to feel safe, valued and understood. It brings healing.
  • Listening empowers; it is central to how we relate to each other as a network, with church partners, with tenants and how we approach conflict.
  • After listening, the Bible repeatedly tells us that Jesus moved into action: The phrase: ‘And when he saw…’ or ‘And when he heard…’ occurs over 9 times in the gospels. Real listening drives action.

We therefore

When we are active then our faith comes alive. (James 2)

  • We are fundamentally about taking action, embracing risk and change.
  • We are people who say ‘yes’ and respond to Jesus’s call to ‘go’ and to ‘cast off into deeper waters.’

We focus on

Everyone has strength and strengths to use.

  • We see people’s strengths: We want to use staff, partners, churches and tenants strengths rather than be distracted by their ‘needs’, ‘risks’ or ‘faults’.
  • Jesus said: ‘I confer on you a kingdom.’ At our heart we trust. We therefore want to embody empowerment:
  • We believe in shifting power (and therefore decision making) to the disempowered. This includes financial power by inspiring (not condemning) Christians and others to share their wealth with the poor.
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